Make your breath louder than your thoughts


Some cultures believe that the number of breaths for every living being is limited. Therefore slow breathing is the key to longevity. I like that idea. When we look at animals that get very old, for example Tortoises, Elephants and Wales, this pattern seems to be true. The emphasis on breath is one of the key factors in my teaching and practice.

After Patanjali, Yoga is the cessation of the modifications, or fluctuations of the mind (Yoga Sutra 1.2). But how do we achieve that? Here is where breath and drishti (focused gaze) come into play. Direct influence on our vegetative nervous system through the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, the initiation of rest & digest response and the establishment of a state of balance and relaxation in the body and mind.

My approach is non-dogmatic, i.e. I practice and teach different Yoga styles. If we look at Yoga as a holistic approach, we could define/combine the styles like this:

  • Power: building strength and agility (Ashtanga as one example)
  • Flow: emphasis on cardiovascular and connection to the breath (called Vinyasa, Nyasa means, 'to place' and Vi means 'in a special or sacred way'.)
  • Hatha: flexibility training (and hormonal balance)
  • Yin: focus on stretching the connective tissues (particularly the fascia)
  • Restorative: meditative practice that uses props to encourage a passive release of mind and body tension
  • Kundalini: spiritual practice which encompasses a lot of Pranayama, Bandas, Mudras, Meditation

Additionally, I focus on:

  • Anatomy, Alignments and Adjustments
  • Pranayama – breath control (Prana means life-force or literally breath, ayama means expansion
  • Balance and Bandhas (Mula Bandha, Uddiyana Bandha, Jalandhara Bandha, Maha Bandha)
  • Specialized Pre-TTC trainings, to prepare you for your own Yoga teacher training

I also offer private classes, just contact me.
Classes are available in English, German, French and Sanskrit.
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You are as old as your spine. (Chinese proverb)


Movement is not only fun and keeps us healthy, it is also directly connected to the development of our brain. The story of the sea squirt illustrates this beautifully:

Sea squirts, also known as tunicates, are simple animals that live in the ocean. They begin their lives as floating larvae with brains and organs to sense light and gravity, which help them find a place to live. Each larva attaches itself to a rock or other surface, then never moves again. Once attached, the juvenile adult no longer needs the brain, so it reabsorbs it. It literally eats its own brain as part of its life cycle. This shows how the brain has mainly developed to accomodate for complex movements.

For me, Yoga has become the foundation for correct, healthy movement. It teaches us how to balance strength and flexibility, how to protect and properly use our spine and enables us to realize our abilities and limitations. Life gets so much easier with sustainable movement. That's why I love teaching Yoga, to give more people the opportunity to experience its life-changing impact.

Lokaha samastaha sukino bavantu

Projects & Events

1st – 30th Juin 2019

300 hours Ashtanga Yoga teacher training at Ashtanga Yoga Mysore in the south of India. Four weeks of intense asana practice, courses in anatomy, Yoga philosophy, Sutras and teaching methodology to be ready to teach the primary and intermediate series of Ashtanga Yoga. I am deeply grateful for the teachers and fellow students I met during this training. ॐ

19th – 24th March 2019

Let’s Imagine partnered with the Bali Children Foundation to host a yoga camp in Lovina, Northern Bali, with around 60-100 students ages 8-18. Their vision is to provide an educational pathway for disadvantaged Balinese children – a journey leading to growth and long term sustainability. What a humbling experience to have been part of this project, giving the poorest children of Bali a moment of peace and happiness through Yoga.


09th – 14th March 2019

The land of smiles and Buddha invites you on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to the Southeast of Thailand for the first Agape Zoe Kho Phangan – Holistic Gathering. Five full days of Yoga, Meditation, Dance, Workshops, Culture and Nature with local and international artists. shift_happens_yoga is on the schedule with a dynamic Hatha class - my first occurrence on such a big festival. Come and join us!

August 2018 – March 2019

Leading the Yoga classes at the Diamond Muay Thai Dojo on Koh Phangan, Thailand for nearly 8 months was a tremendous experience. The synergies between Yoga and Muay Thai (or any other martial arts training) are incredibly beneficial. Yoga increases flexibility, grants extreme body control and movement accuracy, reduces the risk of injury, speeds up the mental and physical recovery, supports the more intense training regimes, and allows for more frequent trainings. Bringing the Yin to the Yang, a Yoga and Muay Thai success story!

My biggest struggles have been my biggest teachers


Hello, my name is Christof.
I used to be a software engineer for about 14 years, lived in major European cities, had a competitive, fast and very unhealthy lifestyle. The pressure of this rapidly changing industry led to periods of depression, self-destruction, severe drug abuse, and ultimately burnout. I guess, only from the inside does the hamster wheel look like a career ladder. Then I quit my job, the drugs, my old life and discovered Yoga which changed everything. It really was my path out of the vicious circle of negative thoughts and bad behavioural patterns. I love Yoga. It saved me. Many times...

I am currently traveling through Southeast Asia, following the flow of life and deepening my Yoga experience and teaching skills.



Yoga teacher training programs:

  1. 200h YTTC at Samma Karuna, Koh Phangan, Thailand in May/June 2018.
  2. 300h YTTC at Ashtanga Yoga Mysore, Mysore, India in June 2019.

Other Qualifications & Trainings:

  • Yoga Nidra Certification 2018
  • Yoga for Muay Thai Kickboxers – Diamond Muay Thai Dojo, Koh Phangan, Thailand
  • Yoga with Children – Yoga camp for kids with the Bali children foundation, March 2019
  • Pranayama Workshops - Samma Karuna, Koh Phangan, Thailand